MORE RECENT MICROSCOPY  (2014 + , mostly 2D)

Here are some examples of John's work in motion-video microscopy,  and the types of crystal art he hopes someday to do using stacked and stitched 'giga-pixel' techniques for large prints and/or scan-and-pan computer images.

(click image for still shots, underlined title for videos)




       OIL FILMS      


 CRYSTAL ART - 1      


   CRYSTAL ART - 2    

Thin films of soap, around a centimeter across and about a micron thick, are imaged as the horizontally or vertically held films evaporate and become thinner.  Striking colors arise by light-wave interference, and indicate the local thickness of the film.  Plumes and jets occur near the walls.  The real-time micro-scale fluid dynamics are revealed in videos. (Last update Aug. 2014)

Oil floating on a water surface thins by evaporation (fast if it is volatile) or by mechanical action.  Colors again arise as light-waves reflect off the top oil-air and mid oil-water surfaces and then interfere. Off-worldly structures form in a sort of abstract art.  Motion videos are equally interesting with evaporation and droplet building pools, and drop coalescence. (Aug. 2014)

Crystals, grown under a cover glass by cooling a melted mixture of organic chemicals with similar melting points, contain complex and beautiful structures.  These are revealed best by combining many high resolution local images into a broad "panorama" that can be looked at in total, or up close. (Oct, 2014.  Full panos are still a work in progress, though successful tests have been made)  

Further explorations of abstract "crystal art" using different optical contrast methods, such as oblique and darkfield illumination, phase and differential interference contrast (DIC).  Panographic presentations with many 'best resolution' 20-40X images stitched together to make an equivalent 2X or 4X high-quality image are being pursued (slowly, RR videos have  intervened).     

















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