Time Lapse 3D

Time-lapse in 3D was done with twin-camera rigs as shown below. The main unit consisted of a pair of Canon XS DSLR's with 10 - 22mm zoom lenses. The remote ports of these cameras were driven with a Mumford timer. Alternatively, a pair of Canon A590is P&S cams, using the StereoDataMaker (SDM) synchronization method via the USB ports, was employed in situations incompatible with the DSLR's (like dangerous lose-a-camera type situations, need for more stealth, etc.). The twin-A590 unit was driven with the Mumford timer and intermediate electronics as required to properly shape the trigger pulses for SDM. A lot of different time lapse clips were made, including drive-lapses and shots of people doing crazy stuff.  DSLR quality is much better, but it's pretty easy to cook a focal plane shutter doing this (e.g. one XS died after about 30,000 frames).